About us

Sole Pilates offers private training & small group reformer classes, customized for all fitness levels. The foundation of our practice combines the physical with an inner emotional and spiritual journey. 

About Sole Pilates

Located in Huntington, New York

We’ve been a certified and practicing Pilates Studio since 2008. We Offer Private Training & Small Group Reformer Classes, Customized for all fitness levels.   


The foundation of our practice combines the physical with an inner emotional and spiritual journey. We focus on delivering personalized workouts that meet your personal goals and needs.


At Sole Pilates, we understand that we are not one size one fits all, so neither are our workouts. We integrate the Physical & the Mind to work together. 


By integrating strength, stamina, endurance for the body, breath, movement, and meditative awareness, we strive to promote an understanding of the interdependency of all these aspects in your personal health and wellbeing. 

About Our Trainers


Carolina Velasquez

-- Owner & Founder of Sole Pilates --


Pilates Instructor since 2008. Stott Pilates Certified. Degree in business accounting major.


So you wonder how and why Pilates right?

As i worked in an accounting office, as i was always that person motivating all co-workers to come to workout with me. They all said that i had a special look when i spoke about working out, that my face lit up. that they couldn’t see me as an accountant, that i had something special. I had the entire office coming to  workout out with me. I made them all love it and commit. they all believed in me as motivator and would insist that i should be in the fitness field.  which i thought was all very funny back then. But did liked hearing it and helping everyone stay motivated. 


I then was involved in car accident, hit by a drunk driver. torn my knee, got surgery, attended PT, even worked at the PT office part time.  needed low impact approach training, was introduced to pilates by a friend.  fall in love with all the challenges and how diversified it could be. 

Same friend gave me opportunity  to invest in a pilates studio and i was excited about it and i went for it. I got certified opened up my own place and its been best one of the best journeys of my life.


My  style of pilates training is unique. Its classical with a modern/ Sole-carolina twist. I have combined  a pilates flow that focuses on  all original the classical pilates principals, designed by its founder Joseph Pilates. In Addition to keeping all the pilates principles I also added a combination of other methods proven to pass the test of time yoga, weights, cardio, hitt, dance & meditation. So if all of these workouts had a baby,  their baby’s  name would be Sole Pilates.






Matthew Huttle, LMT

-- Trainer at Sole Pilates --


Matt has been practicing both massage therapy and Pilates for over a decade. He is also a champion martial artist who brings his unique set of skills and training to bear, EXCLUSIVELY at our studio.

While he treats each person as an individual, he sees the human body as a machine, and he tailors his workouts to YOUR specific needs. His focus is on reprogramming your body to work more efficiently, naturally, so that you can get the most out of your life in both work and play.

From hand-picked routines, to deep stretches that he’s qualified and licensed to execute, to distracting, off-the-wall humor to help you get through the toughest sets, Matthew brings a unique style to Sole Pilates that you will get nowhere else.

Matthew is not on our regular class schedule because he prefers to work with people one-on-one, giving you the attention that YOU deserve.


Call or email Sole Pilates today to schedule your private session with the one and only, Matthew Huttle, LMT.

We All Know

…that getting healthy and staying healthy is about maintaining good habits. Once you get into the habit of eating right and going to the gym, it’s easy to make that a part of your life. 

We also know

…that proper stretching, as well as focused and engaged education on how to use your body can help prevent injury. Pilates specializes in both of these areas, which makes it among the best methods for helping to prevent workout-related injuries.


…that massage therapy is hands-down the BEST method for helping to enable the body to recover after an injury. Increasing blood-flow to relieve muscle cramps and shorten fatigue, as well as breaking up adhesions in connective tissue are just SOME of the benefits of massage.


…that Sole Pilates is unique in that it is the ONLY Long Island Pilates studios to offer you an instructor that is ALSO a New York State licensed massage therapist?



Linda Miller

-- Trainer at Sole Pilates --


I've worked in the fitness industry for 14 years as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. I have also worked for New York Sports Club, LA Fitness and Sole Pilates.


My Certifications include AFAA Personal Training and AFAA Group Fitness, ISCA Kickboxing, Yoga RYT 200hr., STOTT Pilates Mat & Reformer, Barre, TRX, Weight Training, PiYo, and Cross Core.

I have a passion for fitness, health and wellness that I share with all my clients to help motivate and meet their fitness goals.


The class flow at Sole Pilates is to keep constant movement, adding a flow of movements that compliment each other, making each transition very smooth and seamless from one to the next. 

We challenge the body as a whole, believing that a full body workout is very effective for both the short term and long term strength of the body and mind. 

All Sole Pilates group classes are personally designed by the owner, Catalina, keeping all fitness levels & abilities in mind. 

All classes have progression exercises and modified version exercises as well. 

By the time you are done with your workout, you will have experienced one of the most complete workouts, leaving with the feeling like you just had the best workout ever. 

What takes place during a typical Sole Pilates Class?

A typical class at Sole Pilates starts with warm up stretches and motivational coaching, to help you set the tone &  goals for the class you that day. The pilates workout  is a combination classical pilates reformer movements along with modern  twist and Sole Pilates  unique flow. Technique & protocol is always on top of the list. We assure that everyone is performing all pilates exercises properly and maximizing overall results. 

 One of our moto is not how many or how hard you go but how well you can do it!


Every class is a full body workout. 

Core strengthening. 

Increasing  flexibly while strengthening, lengthening, leaning &  defining your muscles. 

Your body body will be burning fat & calories threw out the class and long after class is over. 

Instead of having rest time in between exercises we switch to a complete different muscle, 

 this way you can continue to train other muscles while others rest.   

All pilates reformer exercises are initiated from the core with breathing techniques.

Applying muscle isolation & isometric controlled movements. 

Finishing class with a few minutes of deep stretching, breathing and mental & body relaxation.


Our goal is that from the time to start class  to the time you finish,  is that you have a the best pilates experience,  like  no other. 

We love  to hear all our members say that its not just the great workout they get with us! 

 but also how they feel after class. Best our of their day some may say!

Did you know…


…that Joseph Pilates began teaching his method (which he originally dubbed, “Contrology”) over 100 years ago? A LOT has changed in the last century, and a lot will continue to change. Unfortunately, not all Pilates instructors have kept up with the times. That is NOT a problem at Sole Pilates, because we operate under the leadership of one of the most unique and innovative instructors in the industry, Carolina Velasquez.


An immigrant from the Dominican Republic, Carolina brings her natural Latin flair to everything she does, and what she does best is Pilates! Just ask any of her clients, many of whom have been with her for nearly a decade, and they will tell you that no two workouts with Carolina are the same…EVER. From her lively classes to her private sessions, Carolina packs her routines with vitality, creativity, and a fun that cannot be matched ANYWHERE! She loves to teach classes, where she can charge all those present with her creative energy.


A shining beauty both inside and out, Carolina devotes herself to her clients’ needs, as well as their wants. She can push her clients beyond what they think they can do, while simultaneously tailoring her routines to prevent or exacerbate injuries.

What she brings to the table must be experienced to be believed!


Call or email Sole Pilates today to schedule a private session, or to reserve a spot in one of her amazing classes!